Is there a way to generate tiled maps in your game as needed?

Ok, first off, i apologize if this is poorly worded. basically i want to create an 2d tile game where the world map is generated randomly as it is explored (there will most likely be a world size limit, but im not sure what that would be yet) and i was wondering if there was any way to have your game or program use tiled to generate the world and its objects either upon world creation (which would be done from within the game) or randomly as the player(s) explore the world. ideally, the player(s) should not have to download tiled themselves to use the game and if a package of tiled were to be included in the game download, the end user shouldnt need to worry about installing it separately (unless they had some other reason, like they were making theor own projects) any help or advice on how best to go about doing this is greatly appreciated as id hate to reinvent the wheel and design the game engine to do all of this without tiled.

Tiled is really only an editor. What some games do in your case is to edit pieces of the generated map in Tiled, and then have the game put these pieces together in a procedural fashion. Or you may have a generated map where some areas are hand-built to enable certain story elements or more complex areas that are too hard to generate. But if your map it entirely generated, and would not even benefit from pre-created pieces, then you usually don’t need an editor like Tiled.

Of course, if you are going to generate maps and you don’t want to code your own renderer and data structures, then you will need to pick a library where such dynamic generation is possible. But I think most libraries will allow for this.

I’m new here and certainly no expert but theoretically i believe this could be possible with a bit of work.

What I am proposing is that you use Tiled to generate a base tilemap .json file.
Then, before the player reaches a new zone, you would need to have had some code run to copy the original .json file (including the tileset information) and change positional values according to a particular ruleset.
You would need a game engine that could dynamically load in the new json files ready to be displayed on the screen. This is probably the limiting factor and I wouldn’t know on which game engines it is possible to do this. Many game engines seem to load all the assets prior to the game session.