Is there a way to get the grid coordinates printed in the exported file?

When you hover over a tile you can see in the bottom-left corner the coordinate of each tile. Is there a way I can get that information in the exported file?
In my project I’m only using an “Object Layer” and not a “Tile Layer” and I’m relying on showing the tiles(objects) using their coordinates rather than the world positioning.

There are 2 types of coordinate in the bottom left corner: a b (x y).
a b being the coordinates of the hovered cell while (x y) are the absolute coordinates of the mouse from the origin (0, 0) of the map.

As you say that you’re using only an object layer, the a b coordinates should be the (x y) coordinates divided by the tilewidth and tileheight attributes of the map element in the exported map.

You may compute the a b coordinates from the (x y) coordinates:

a = integer ( x / tilewidth)
b = integer ( y / tileheight)

This works perfectly. Thanks a lot.