Is there a way to move a group of tiles up/down/left/right by selection?

Suppose I created a large tilemap and I realize that the entire map would be better if I moved it down two rows. Is there a way to grab all the tiles in a layer (or all the layers) and move them down by two rows? There is a selection tool in the “tile” tools area, but it does not seem to move tiles when I use the arrow keys (Mac).

Generalizing this, if the feature does not exist, it seems like a real time saving feature when you need to move a large group of tiles around after you have already laid them down. If the tiles move off the grid, they can “drop off”, provided I can undo this if it looks bad.

You can only do this with the entire map using the Map -> Resize Map dialog, or for only the selected area using Map -> Offset Map. With the latter tool you will always lose some part of your selection unless you let it wrap to the other side, though.

Some tool that would allow you to float and move around an area with multiple layers at the same time would of course be nice, as well as tools that work on multiple layers in general. One long standing open issue related to this is:

If anyone else stumbles here (thanks Google) I just wanted to point out that you can use rectangular select over a region and then use Map -> Offset Map with the bounds set to “Current Selection” as a heavy handed way to move tiles around.

Sorry for bumping this old thread :slightly_smiling:


That is what I already meant to say in my previous response, but I guess I could have been a little more verbose. :slightly_smiling: Eventually I hope to get to implementing a more convenient solution.

You can copy and paste the tiles but it requires some cleanup. Easier than repainting them all though.

Maybe it would require less cleanup if you did Cut and Paste rather than Copy and Paste? Still, cleanup will currently be required when you want to replace non-empty tiles with empty ones.