Moving selected tiles to other layer?


I am still kinda new to Tiled and I wonder if I can move selected tiles to other layer other than cutting and pasting the selected ones? If yes, how?

You’ll need to use cut & paste for this. Feel free to share other suggestions!

If I imagine a similar option to moving selected objects to some layer, with tiles one would have to be careful since it would overwrite whatever tiles are already on the target layer in the same place.

I think this is still kind of a hassle. Why not add a new menu option to the “Layer” menu that lights up when some tiles are selected and has the title “Move Selection to New Layer”, or “Move Selection to Existing Layer” and have a modal dialog pop up when existing tiles on that existing layer will get overwritten?

I’ve implemented the “Move Selection to New Layer” action under Layer > New > Layer via Cut/Copy. I realize that it does not provide a way to move the selected tiles to an existing layer, but maybe this helps anyway? The functionality will be available in snapshot builds soon.

Unfortunately, since both mouse buttons are taken for some tile tools, I can’t put this in the context menu for tile layers. I wonder if using both mouse buttons is something I should reconsider.

The patch was a little more work than I had imagined. Here’s the change if you’re interested: