Set Pivot point

Hi guys been using the tool for years and its fantastic. I noticed when using objects layer you can set the pivot point on rotating and object, but it dose not save in txml. file. I’m using good old box2d in a project and would like to use that, Is it posable to come out with an update that it will save the pivot point offset to the txml.
the feature is already implemented it just need to outputted and should not be to difficult to add.
Many thanks in advance.

Are you talking about Object Alignment, or the drawing offset? In any case, both of these are saved in the Tileset, since they are properties of the Tileset. It wouldn’t make much sense to include these with the Tile Object in the TileMap, since the Tileset has to be loaded to get the tile information anyway.

thank you for a quick response talking about this pivot can you see the little cross in the object I have offset it so when I can rotate it rotates around that pivot. I would like to save that to use. but when you click another object it resets to middle of object.

Ah, I see, I misunderstood you initially. When you move the pivot, it’s just a property of the tool, and when you rotate the Object, it actually changes the position of the whole object to make the rotation work the way you want. The actual rotation angle is always relative to the object’s origin point (which varies between object types).

To do what you’re asking would require changing the way all of that works. There is, however, an issue open to do something similar: to allow users to customise the origin point for each object. This would be the default point around which rotations happen, and it’s the point around which the object is positioned, so there would be no need to deal with a separate pivot point like you’re proposing. Custom origin points for Objects · Issue #3847 · mapeditor/tiled · GitHub