Isometric tiles rendering incorrectly


I’ve used Tiled before to develop a small game in python but I did not use the isometric functionality in that project. In my latest project I need to make use of Tiled’s isometric mapping feature. However, I am having issues with tiles displaying incorrectly when walls are created. This is a bit hard to describe so I hope the following screen shot illustrates the issue.

As seen above, when I try to create a wall the sprites clip together. I also added an example using two flat colors so the clipping effect can be seen easier.

This is what the wall should look like (I created another layer specifically for second wall sprite):



Can you upload your map file and the used tilesets?
It is always hard to debug this from screenshots only (usually there is some offset, drawing order, etc wrong…)


Okay, here is the tmx file and tileset.

Here is the tmx:

The issue is that you did not import your tileset with the proper tile heights. Your walls tiles are 64px high. So to import those you need to set the height to 64 px not as you did to 16 px. However since your ground tiles are not 64 pixels heigh you will need to split those to a different tileset (or rearrange the tiles so that they fit into both a 64px and a a 16px grid and then import both tilesets.

See here how I solved it with a single layer: (4.3 KB)