Can't make the tiles align to the grid correctly - isometric mode

Hi all!

I’m trying to build an isometric map using a tile pack (a collection of images), and having trouble to fit them in. I’ve watched some tutorials, but all of them are using a single tilesheet image as example, so nothing helped me.

I have one tileset with images 128 x 94 and another one 169 x 173. With the first one I got close, but see in the attached image that they won’t “stick” to each other like they should, to form the map.

Can someone please help me set the tiles correctly?

Thanks in advance!


your layer height does not seem to match the height you want. You need to subtract the edge height of your tile from your layer height.

See my file for an explanation of the value which you need to subtract.


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The real issue is that you are drawing the tiles at a 45 degrees angle, which means as an example, that on the right edge of your tiles (/), you go 1 pixel Up and 1 pixel Right to determine the next pixel position.


However, for an isometric view, you need to go 1 pixel Up and 2 pixels Right, to provide the correct angle (about 30 degress).


Zoom on the screenshoits, and observe the guide traces over your placed tiles, it will become obvious.