Java tmx loader "staggered" or "shifted"?

When I tried to load a map using libtiled.jar from tiled git I got the following error message

Unknown orientation ‘staggered’

in TMXMapReader.setOrientation I added

    } else if ("staggered".equalsIgnoreCase(o)) {

and it seems to be working did staggered used to be called shifted?

Yes, Tiled Java called this kind of map “shifted”, and libtiled-java should be updated regarding this. A pull request would be welcome!

It would also need to be updated to store the stagger index and stagger axis, though. As well as the “hexagonal” orientation and its “tile side length” property.

I clearly don’t know the internals of tiled well enough (at all for that matter)

I’ll raise an issue on GH but to bodge some solution would be counter productive…