JSON exports 3.7-MB file

Hello, everyone! I searched the forum and can’t find an answer for this.

I’ve made a tilemap in Tiled with 3 layers:
object layer: 1000x800 png image (background) (161 KB original)
tile layer: offset slightly
another tile layer: offset slightly differently

I’m just getting started. I haven’t even placed any tiles. I just wanted to see if I could drop a character on there with phaser… Anyway, I export to JSON and I get a 3.7-MB file!!! I don’t understand why, and it won’t load with phaser–that could be a separate issue, but I don’t want my game to have to preload a 3.7 MB map for a game whose map does not even extend past the size of the screen.

Can anyone help me out here?
Why is my exported JSON file so big?

I did a “Resize Map…” from the Map menu and set it according to pixels (800x400). It took me a while to intuit that the units there were tiles NOT pixels. It would be nice if it was labeled in the software… :slight_smile: now I know…

Hmm, in the New Map dialog is does say the unit, but indeed not in the Resize dialog. I’ll add it there as well.

As for the map file being 3.7 MB, this would be due to a combination of storage format and map size. You could also have changed the layer data storage format to base64+zlib compression (you can change it in the map properties). If supported by Phaser, this is a very good option for having a much smaller map file that could be much faster to load.

Thanks for the reply!