Need help loading my JSON files over Tiled, task with compensation!

Tile> every chunk is made out of 256 tiles >The current map has around 4000Chun , all those files are in JSON format, is it possible to load all this on Tiled.

This question needs more information.

every chunk is made out of 256 tiles

Does this mean:

  • Each tile is 256 x 256 pixels?
  • Each chunk is square, made up of 16 x 16 tiles of (unspecified) size?
  • Something else entirely?

The current map has around 4000 Chunks

  • Is that that just 4000 chunks in one long line?
  • Is that 4000 chunks spread across an X/Y grid?
  • How many rows/columns?
  • Are all the rows/columns of equal regular value?

all those files are in JSON format

Now I’m confused. “files” implies more than one. But previously you said “the current map” which just implies one singular map/file.

So do you need one file to be split up into thousands of files in “chunks” or are you asking how to concatenate thousands of files into one singular map file? Because those are literally two opposite things and would require different solutions.

Also, what does “JSON format” mean here? Did you make these/this map in Tiled and save using its JSON format? Or did you make these maps using some other program and are trying to import them into Tiled?

JSON isn’t specifically a map format. Its a generalized information exchange format. So for all we know, your JSON files could have been made in any program. Gotta be more specific.

is it possible to load all this on Tiled.

Yes. But it also depends on a lot of factors. Like how big your maps are, how big your tiles are, etc. These might effect performance if you try to load a very very large singular map in Tiled. But Tiled also has a “worlds” system that lets you load different map files and sort of stitch them together - This also lets you load and unload them from memory to make sure the program doesn’t lag or run out of memory.

So again, you gotta be much more clear on what it is you’re actually need to do, and also give more information about your current maps and and their formats.

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