Keyboard shotcuts not work

Hello, why do not my keyboard shortcuts work ?.

I use the G and B keys to paint and erase but from some versions back, they no longer work.

In version 1.2 (latest version) they do not work.

** I have discovered that keyboard shortcuts do not work in the Spanish language.
In the English language, if they work.

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Hmm, the B shortcut works fine for me also in Spanish, but indeed the G shortcut doesn’t. This happened because the G shortcut appears to be used by both the Wang Brush and the Eraser in Spanish.

Since we don’t actually document different shortcuts for different languages, and to avoid such problems, I think it would be better to stick to a single set of shortcuts for all languages. So I’ve fixed this by using the same shortcuts as in English for these tools, which is G for the Wang Brush and E for the Eraser (even though it’s called “Goma” in Spanish):

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