Very Newbie Eraser Tip

Howdy All …spent about a 15 minutes trying to get the eraser to work?? I used the doc`s:


Shortcut: E

A simple eraser tool. Left click erases single tiles and right click can be used to quickly erase rectangular areas.

It is highlighted on the tool bar and as I navigate on the tile itself. Nothing …? it does offer a green hue as I go over each square.
Tile Layer drop-down shows Visible checked, Locked un-checked. Then over in the Layers panel Opacity is push to full. The Tile Layer 1 paddle lock is opened and the eyeball is visible.

Did I miss somewhere that it mentions you have to click on and have the Tile Layer 1 highlighted in the layers panel, in order for it to erase anything??
Until you (I) figured that out, left or right clicking. The eraser doesn`t do anything. I can erase things now but just starting out it was a bit strange to have to do that. Or is this some strange anomaly?? I only had one layer working so I thought it was active to start.

Just wondering …thanks!!

Thank you for the tip, I was having the same issue.

I’ve used this tool in the past without any problems, so this might be an issue with the latest version.

Cool glad it helped, it is only rational to select a layer. When you have more then one working. But right out of the gate you only have one to start with. So I just assumed it was active, being the default layer. But now we know!!


Created an issue about this:

Thanks, I am just starting out working with Tiled and was following a tutorial. He never started using the eraser until he added a few more objects on their own layers. I was just finagling around with a tile sheet getting the feel for the UI and shortcuts.
That`s when I noticed I could not erase anything ?? Rewinding his tutorial I noticed when he clicked on the second layer in the panel it darkened. I only had the default layer that was created when I made the map.

It was when I clicked on it that it highlighted and was able to use the eraser tool. Being a newbie I thought it weird to have to activate a default layer. I work with other software`s and anything default is normally ready to go to work.

Thanks …

Thanks for raising this issue @goofyfoot! Indeed this was caused by a bug that has now been fixed for the upcoming Tiled 1.3.2.

This appears to have been a regression in Tiled 1.3.0.