Layer Properties

When I go to layer properties, I don’t see a way to give it an ID or anything. I see other people giving x and y coordinates as well as an ID number under layer properties (perhaps an older version?) I would really like to do this.
Does anyone know a way around this? My Tiled is 1.0.3 on a mac.

10 PM

I won’t know for sure unless you’d point to what you’ve been looking at, but maybe those others were editing the properties of an object on an Object Layer rather than the properties of a tile layer?

What are you trying to achieve?

I’ve been following tutorials like this one: file:///Users/EvanEssence/Documents/Hacking/Hacking%20Apps/Tiled%20Tutorial/Tutorial.html

I’m fairly certain it’s the layer properties. They’re for making map changes during the game. I added them all as custom layer int properties, but now I can’t insert my maps via the tool that I was using before. It gives me an error:
Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index
No data written to ROM

It may be the Tiled Map Inserter program, or I may be doing something wrong in Tiled. I don’t know of an Index parameter to change.
Any suggestions? I realize this is two separate issues now. (I can insert the map just fine if I take away the other layers and delete the custom layer properties I inserted on my main layer)