Layer zoom and move speed, repeated layers

Hi there! Great work on Tiled :slight_smile: Really nice and intuitive.
Just wanted to point out some features that would be great to see in future updates:
-> layer zoom(size/scale),
-> move speed(% relative to other layers, for parallax scrolling),
-> repeated layers(vertically, horizontally - great for tiled backgrounds)
-> adding tile filled with RGB color instead of image
It is good to see such things directly in editor.
Keep up the good work!

I’ve started implementing repeated layers. Here’s what I got so far:

Rendering however gets glitchy on tile preview(repeated tiles disappears). Also, I’d like to change that preview color depending on layer size instead of world size. Any tips on those?

Also, would You like to pull that when it gets finished?

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@Zax37 That’s amazing and for sure I’d love to see a pull request! Please don’t hesitate to open it already so that it will be easier to discuss the change and I can try to help you with finding solutions to remaining issues.

@bjorn Thanks for reply, I’m glad You like it :wink:
I made request here and will be grateful for any tips and comments.
I’ll probably work on it more next week or so. Have a nice day!

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