Add an ability of setting scroll multiplier to layers as to view it in parallax

This way, if you making a game that is using parallax scrolling for certain layers, you won’t need to relaunch game constantly to see if things look right if the parallax is taken into account. Another thing it would work well with is for layers that are bigger than the map for layers that are supposed to scroll faster than normal (1.00), example being foreground layers.

I realize it wouldn’t look precisely as it would in the engine you’re using, however I think it would be good enough to have a rough idea how it would look like and sometimes it’s all that’s needed.

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This would indeed be nice, and it’s covered by the following issue:

There is also a pull request with some progress on this, but it still needs lots of work:

The goal should be to have a set of parameters, and a “camera viewport” visualization, such that you can actually see the same thing as in the game rather than a rough approximation.

Nice to see that. And I think it would play very nicely with the infinite map feature (though you’d still need to be able to set up custom layer width/height.

And yeah, even with advanced parameters, in many cases it’d be still just a rough approximation, especially if you’re making maps for existing game (where you may not know exact parameters used) or for the engines which handles parallax automagically (such as e.g. Unity) where you may not even know values for certain parameters.