Layers on Top/Below Player

So I’ve been using Tiled and Unity to make a top-down RPG style game for about 3 months now. Whether or not this question belongs on a unity forum i’m not sure. It’s probably me being an idiot but its very important for my game right now so let me begin explaining.

Here is a picture of my character in front of a tree.

And here is another of him behind a tree.

Obviously you can see the issue the character is still above the tree layer.
Whether or not this problem is fixable in Tiled I’m unsure.
But any help would be great!

In general, you can place the tree in a special layer (either manually in Tiled or by recognizing the tile in your game, for example using a custom tile property), and render the tiles in that layer along with the moving entities in your game, after sorting them by Y coordinate.

With Tiled2Unity you can probably avoid adding the tree to the mesh, and add it as a game object instead (it may support custom layer properties for this). But using a depth buffer is also possible, if your tile graphics aren’t partially transparent. And depending on the amount of trees this may be more efficient.


Alright I think that makes sense to me. I’m a novice in the world of game design but I’ll try that out.

Nope this did not make sense to me, haha. Maybe you can break it down a bit more?

like this?
object y-value=-73

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Yes just like that.