Layer's Width and Height

Hello. I’m writing a parser for MonoGame.
I found out that some layers have different sizes, not related to Map’s Width and Height.
If i understand, that was possible in old Tiled formats. I guess I could fix that by myself, but it would be really good if Tiled (the program) could fix it itself.
So, the question is, what should be done with those old maps? Should I do the error parsing myself or just wait for a new Tiled version?

Hmm, I kind of hope you’re the only one who actually has maps created in Tiled Java that has layers not matching with the map size. But, you’re completely right that the current Tiled should either just silently fix up those maps or I should add this feature.

I’ve created the following issue on GitHub in order to remember to think about this before Tiled 1.0:

In the meantime, I believe you can fix up existing maps by resizing the map. Just make the map one tile bigger and then one tile smaller again, for example (cause resizing to the same size does nothing).

Thanks for your answer, didn’t know about resize feature. Will use it.
Well, I was using some created a while ago maps, so yea, guess it was a thing then.