Mac Osx TiledMap rendering with Slick


I am developing a simple 2D game that uses several 16x16 .png files as tiles. I’m not sure if it is because of my OS or because of the version of Netbeans I am using, but to use .tmx files they must be in a base64 giz compression format. All of this is well and good, however, when I create the map, only the tile first in the order in the tileset appears (first it was just plain grass so I assumed it was a layering issue until redoing the map showed that it is any 16x16 tile that has an ID of 0)

To starts debugging, I run a loop over the first 25 files to return the Tile ID and its corresponding image. The problem is that some of the Tile ID’s displaying do not exist in my tilesets, and all of the corresponding images are set to one png file, regardless of ID. The xml code does not seem off, so I cannot see where this behavior is coming from.

The animation is working fine on top of the map, and the map loads correctly, it just doesn’t display what is on the Tiled editor. Is this a corruption issue or a rendering issue and how can I go about fixing it?

Thanks in advance!

just in case anyone runs into a similar dead end, you seem to be unable to load several .pngs into one tileset (at least for slick2d)

the workaround was to use gimp (or another editor) to bring them all into a single png file and use that for parsing in the tileset

Thanks for letting us know, @ben.federline!

The “image collection” tileset type in Tiled was released 2 years ago with Tiled 0.10, whereas Slick2D seems to be not developped anymore (no changes in releases since at least 3 years and even in the repository activity is extremely low).

I wonder a little, why not switch to a framework that’s still being maintained?