HELP! how do I convert tiled tmx to regular png!

I really need help. I have spent two months making maps for a unity game (mac) And I can find no working way to do it!

Not sure about on a MAC but it really is just this on Windows.
From the menu:
File > Export As Image

Thanks, but It will not let me use pngs as an extension… But thank you, for being the first person to try to help.

That is odd. PNG is a standard file format that even MACs (from my limited understanding of MACs) should be able to deal with. Most of the tilesets one would download are in PNG. Is it a permissions issue with where the save is being attempted? What is the error?

can u try on your computer and comfirm it works on windows plz

FWIW, on Windows it allows saving as PNG, JPEG, JPG, PBM, PGM, PNG, PPM, TIF, TIFF, XBM, XPM.
Again, not sure if you can change it on MAC (sorry really no MAC experience here).

Ok thanks alot!

Oh!!! I have it!!

Here is an export of a test I did as JPG, and the same map exported exported again as PNG (notice in PNG the alpha channel exists).

After selecting the save as location/name/type you need to actually click the export button.

Great!. :smile:

Thank you so much. Nice map by the way!

Lol, that isn’t even a real map. That is just me testing my rules for use when using Terrain Tool combined with Automap rules to produce a map that works with RPGMaker formatted tiles. Still a work in progress as I’ve still got some matches I am not happy with (not in that image).

How exactly do you have it? I am having the same issue.

Never mind! I am a complete idiot.

How do you do it?

@Akshar_Patel Where are you having problems? Did you find the File → Export as Image menu action?

Note that apart from doing it in Tiled, there’s also the tmxrasterizer tool shipping with Tiled, which allows doing it on the command-line.