Misaligned Tileset - Do I need to edit source image?

I’m having real issues trying to get my tiles aligned on my tileset :melting_face:
Here’s my tileset below
gun-man - stock tileset
I’ve tried adding a 1px margin and 1px spacing as well as a 2px spacing. I’ve tried taking the outside border off the original image. I could remove the borders from the source image completely but I wanted to avoid that just yet.
Can I not add borders to the source image? Cos that would make things kinda awkward/tricky every time I want to generate a tileset or am I missing something obvious?
This is what I get when adding my tileset, all the variations I’ve tried so far (mentioned above) produce the same kind of misalignment problem

This tileset works perfectly well with 32x32px tiles, 1px margins, 1px spacing. Perhaps you had the margins and spacing right, but got the wrong tile size?

I found the issue, sorry for reply. For some reason, having transparent colour on and editing the margins/spacings properties in the property box corrected it. I did have the right specs initially, it was strange!