Tiles are not being seperated correctly

Hello all,

I’m new here. So thank you ahead of time.

When uploading assets, my tiles are not aligned correctly.


Expected Results:
I would like to adjust the grid in order to have even spaced assets.

Please help.

Look at the documentation here:http://docs.mapeditor.org/en/stable/manual/editing-tilesets/#tile-properties

EDIT: There’s no way to edit a tileset’s tile width/height, so you need to set that properly upon creating a new tileset.

Actually, if you picked the wrong parameters for your tileset, you can change them in the Tileset Properties by clicking on the field next to “Image” and then clicking the “Edit…” button that appears. I agree this is a little hidden…

@Wathanak_Alex_Dara The important part is, that it looks like your tilesheet has a spacing between the tiles and probably also at the edges. For this you need to set the “Margin” and “Spacing” properties to the right values.