Multiple Instances of Tile Properties?

So I noticed once you give custom properties to a tile, it will give every tile that property. Is there a way to different values on the same tile?

Why I’m asking is because I have a button/switch tile that interacts with a door. I assigned custom properties to each of them being “link_id = 0” , thus they will interact with each other.
But lets say I want to add another switch and door, I would need to change the custom property to “link_id = 1”. but I cant do that because it effects all the other tiles placed.

Another example(Skip this if you get it already lol) :
I have a tile with the custom properties “hp = 20”. I can’t make another instance of that tile have a different hp value because it changes every other tile.

Sounds like a good candidate for using tile objects

EDIT: Wow, So you can have multi value tiles, only in the object layer… ALRIGHT, I guess this is pretty much SOLVED for me.