Negative number in world file regex?


Not sure if it’s a bug or i’m doing something wrong.

I have world file defined with regexp looking like this:

        "patterns": [
                "regexp": "map_-*(\\d+)_-*(\\d+)\\.tmx",
                "multiplierX": 16,
                "multiplierY": -16,
                "offsetX": 0,
                "offsetY": 0
        "type": "world"

Everything is working fine and chunks are rendered correctly when i’m using positive values in file names.
When negative value is used in file name. Tiled simply omits “-” value and file is rendered like it was positive value.

Correctly loaded files:


Incorrectly loaded files:


You need to make sure that the minus is part of the capture. I think this would work:

"regexp": "map_(-?\\d+)_(-?\\d+)\\.tmx"

Thanks, it works!

I was validating my regex using
And i wasn’t careful enough to spot that “-” has not been captured as part of the number.

Thanks a lot for help.

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