New Lua/CoronaSDK framework--ponytiled

I finally got my Tiled map loader to a point where it’s useful for development. In around 300 lines of code, ponytiled loads a sub-set of Tiled layers, tilesets and image collections. Built in plugin hooks and extensions make it easy to add support for many custom object types.

We are also just finishing a free “platformer” framework that shows the code in action on CoronaLab’s free SDK. This should be released in the next week or so… (Here’s a sneak peak.)

Grab the library here, and follow @ponywolf on twitter to find out when the demo (and source for the demo) will be released.

  • Loads .LUA + JSON exports from tiled
  • Adds basic properties from tiled including physics
  • Supports object layers and tile layers
  • Supports collections of images and tileset images
  • Supports object x/y flipping and re-centering of anchorX/anchorY for Corona
  • Particle plugin
  • Rectangle shape with fillColor and strokeColor support
  • Polygon import with physics support for edge chains
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I’ve just added PonyTiled to the Libraries and Frameworks page in the documentation. Thanks a lot for publishing your cool library!