Corona SDK and Pony-Tiled problem

I’ve successfully imported my Tiled map into Corona using the “PonyTiled” library. The problem is that the assets are taking each other positions, and some don’t appear at all. I checked the naming inside Tiled and for the files themselves and everything is correct.
I’m also getting this error even though, the “Tile Layer Format” is set to “CSV” in Tiled:

ERROR: Tile layer encoding/compression not supported. Choose CSV or XML in map options.

What could be the problem?

This is a bug of ponytiled library, I have same problem. After many dances with ponytiled I found MTE (Million tile engine) that is many times smarter.

@Abdo23 and @Vadim_G, did you try to contact @ponywolf about those problems?

Hi @Abdo23,

Do you use the latest version of Ponytiled?

Can you provide content of your map?

Have a nice day:)


Not with ponywolf, but created few topics on corona forum.
Corona sticker knight example that uses ponytiled have errors with sound and this wasn’t resolved even on his site.
I’ve triple times checked where the root of problem is and found that Tiled exporting maps properly, all tiles were at their places when loaded with other 3 engines.

By the way, sometimes I’m coding programs for windows and for microcontrollers, so I see you did an epic work! Awesome job!