New View Mode: Show Tile Collisions

I’ve been working on tilesets for a platformer. Ground tiles have been designed so that the player character overlaps the tiles by a small amount, which means all the tile collisions need to be inset by four pixels. It’s been fairly painless (‘Snap to Fine Grid’ is awesome), but there’s been a few cases where I’ve had to count pixels and hope that I’m placing collisions down correctly.

So, a suggestion: A new View mode to display tile collisions in the map.

It’d be very convenient for drawing collisions that span over several tiles. For example, long slopes, or tiles that blend between steep and shallow slopes.

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Thanks for the nice mockup and I definitely agree this would be a nice feature. There is already an issue about this on github:

Eventually I’ll add it to the Tiled roadmap. I currently have one full day a week to work on Tiled thanks to support from patrons. Consider supporting me as well if you want to help me progress faster.

Ah, good to know! I searched the forums and didn’t see anything, but I’ll keep GitHub in mind in the future.