No rules file found

I’m having trouble with Automapping. I’ve created a map and a rules.txt file in the same folder as the map. When I hit Ctrl + M I get the following message:

AutoMapping Error - Tiled
No rules file found at ‘D:/Gamedev/Art/Tilesets/Automapping/rules.txt’
However If I take that text and put it into my file explorer it actually opens the rules.txt file.
So it seems the file actually exists in the exact location but somehow tiled doesn’t recognize it…

I’ve tried to google for a solution but couldn’t find any :confused:

A workarround was posted in Discord.
What you can do is go into the Project > Project Properties and then in under “Paths & Files” add the rules.txt file under Automapping rules.

The actual problem turned out to be that their file was actually called rules.txt.txt, so there was indeed no rules.txt at the location Tiled was checking.

Windows hiding file extensions by default strikes again :]