How to remove automap


I’m a new user and I’m creating my very first map. While navigating Tiled’s UI, I opened something regarding automap, in fact, I now see in the tileset window another tab called “AutoMap rules”. My problem is that now when I try to open the map with Mini2Dx I get an exception saying that it can’t find the file containing the AutoMap rules, but indeed I didn’t add any automap rules! How can I “remove” automap from my map, so I can load it again?
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Thanks, I’ve figured it out: there was in the same window a “delete tileset” option, although a bit hidden. I used that to delete the automap rules and now I’m able to load it again.

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Literally came to the site to ask the exact same question and there it was on the front page. Thank you for posting your solution!

The button is the little trash icon as seen below:


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