Object alignment per-tile

Currently, it is only possible to change the alignment of a tile on a tileset-wide basis. It would be massively helpful to be able to set this on a per-object basis.

Per-tile and per-object are different things. Per-object would mean individual Tile Objects using the same tile might have different object alignments, while per-tile would mean that individual tiles in a tileset could have different alignments, but Tile Objects using the same tile would have the same object alignment.

Which of these do you mean?

To further complicate matters, there’s also the tile drawing offset, used for both tiles in Tile Layers and Tile Objects, which is currently also set per-tileset, but which can also be more useful per-tile in some cases.

my bad- i mean per tile. Im mostly referring to the addition of an “object alignment” property similar to the one you can set in the tileset properties.

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