Object layer properties in tileset

If I edit the tileset and add a name and colour to a particular tile, shouldn’t that name and color appear when I add the tile to the object layer?
Currently it doesn’t show up, just the default information. I also tried adding custom properties.

Figured out what I was doing wrong.
I had to unclick the collision editor when editing the tileset. Once I did that I typed in the name under type saved and it showed up properly when adding to the map.
However when exporting (im using the GML export) the objects don’t show up unless you override the default types with a defined type. Does that make sense?

Right, that appears to be one of the most confusing things in Tiled 1.0, so I’ll definitely be changing the UI here, just need to consider the options. The thing is that when the collision editor is activated and you click a tile, then the Properties editor shows the properties of the Object Layer that covers the tile in the collision editor, unless you have an object selected there, in which case it shows the properties of that object.

So, I need to find a less confusing way to still allow the user to edit the properties of that object layer. On the other hand, I do not consider this object layer very relevant and maybe we could also remove that as a feature. Maybe it’s something @Seanba could weight in on, because his Tiled2Unity is one of the tools best relying on the tile collision editor.

That means I need to fix the GMX export. Indeed it only creates object instances when a Type is specified, but in that particular place I forgot to take into account inheritance of the type from the tile. I’ll make sure to fix that soon and include it in a Tiled 1.0.2 release. Thanks for mentioning it!

Problem with tile types should be resolved with this change:


It’ll be included the next development snapshot (probably Monday / Tuesday).

Cool thanks for fixing so fast.
I was thinking about adding more GMX export features unless it’s already being worked on.

I have at least the following open things which I’d like to resolve eventually: #1427, #1442, #1435. Any contributions are welcome. I’m not personally using this export option, but I think it’s quite a popular one and I’d like to support it as good as we can.

Two other related issues is documenting the workflow when using the GMX plugin in the manual and exporting to the new format used by GameMaker: Studio 2.