Properties via Object Types?

I use the Object Types Editor to define groups of custom properties.

But when I have added a Tile to the Object Layer and select fx. “Moveable” under the “Type”, I can see the new properties being added under “Custom properties”.

But when I save the map, and try to read properties for this tile on the Objects Layer, it has no properties ?

Shouldnt the properties selected by using “Type” be added to the Objects Layer definition for that tile ?

Ahhh, its because my properties for that particular tile comes from 1) Tile definition in TileSet and 2) Object Types definition, current only support as an export.

I guess I need to make my own loader fo those and apply them manually.

And remember to export the Object Types definition each time i change them.

Any reason for they are not included in the map ?

Because that would be redundant. And also, because that would mean you have overridden those properties with different values. That said, I understand it can be useful to resolve all the properties on export, so the plan is to add an option for this. It is related to the following issue:

I just think at least a reference to the Object Types file like the tileset inside the map file, would be usefull.

Like in the Github issue :wink: thanks

Just noting that the above options are in the meantime available in the development snapshots and will be in Tiled 1.2.