Object text editing losing focus

Using snapshot Version 2018.08.06 (mac), when I’m trying to enter text into the “type” field, I can type “s” and “p”, but when I type “a” the input focus jumps down the window below (Tile Stamps) and I start typing in the search field. Typing in the name field works fine. I do have object types defined.

Is auto-complete new? I don’t remember it in the previous build.


Hmm, I can reproduce this problem with Tiled built against Qt 5.5.1 (currently used for the snapshots), but not when I compile Tiled against a more recent version (tried Qt 5.11.1 and even Qt 5.6.2).

Right now, I only have a choice of compiling the snapshots against Qt 5.5.1 or Qt 5.11.1, since those are the versions available on Homebrew. There were other problems with Qt 5.11.1, which I avoided by downgrading. But it seems I need to find a way to use Qt 5.6.3 or possibly 5.9.5…

Thanks for reporting this issue!

Should be fixed for the next snapshot with this change:

This will also fix ability to resize floating dockables.