Ortho 45 degree perspective


Great job with Tiled! What an amazing tool! :slight_smile:
I do have a question regarding ortho 45 degree perspective tiles.
It seems that it is necessary to have at least two tile layers to for example making walls to match.

Let me show you.
I am planning to drop a piece of a wall (containing four 32x32px, hightlighted in blue) on it’s place. The preview looks fine, but once I drop it the transparency in the image actually cuts out what was placed before.

Like this:

The reason why the rest of the wall looks fine is because I use two tile layers. Which is definitely hard work…

Is there a way to use only one layer but achieve this?

Hey @entiendoNull, welcome to the forums and nice to hear you like Tiled!

For this particular use-case, please check out the “perspective_walls” example shipping with Tiled.

Essentially, you can achieve more comfortable editing by increasing the tile size of your tileset (but not the tile size of the map), and shifting the tiles in the tileset (using the Drawing Offset tileset property) such that the base of your tiles aligns properly with the map grid.

Hi bjorn,

thanks for your quick reply.
I’ll check out the examples that you refer too :slight_smile:
I am not yet familiar with the drawing offset, but will have a look.

In fact, I tried your suggestion to increasing the tile size on the tile set. That worked flawless…
I am curious though… will it render as good in Phaser3?

Best regards!

It should, but the only way to be sure is to try it!

It should, but the only way to be sure is to try it!

I am on it :slight_smile:

Well… :smiley:


I probably should just use real transparency for Phaser…
The purple however still suggests that the transparency will create “holes” in my walls, right?


It does look almost great… (just some mis-match on placements I guess)

This is strange though… In Tiled I need to make it look like this

To render like this in Phaser:

It looks like Phaser3 doesn’t align the tiles to the bottom-left, but rather to the top-left of the cell. For tiles that are larger than the grid of the map, that would result in the tiles being drawn lower than where they are drawn by Tiled.

Probably you should report this issue to the Phaser3 devs, who may be able to fix this inconsistency.


Thanks for your reply.
I realized and have a small fix (at least for my use case) in order in Phaser source that seems to correct it and that takes drawing offset into consideration.

Going to test it carefully and may and suggest a merge if it works as well as I hope.