Isometric oversized tiles help

Here I have the tile in Blender:

And here is the resulting tile in Tiled:

I’m just not 100% sure what is going on here. The standard tile size is 256w x 128h. The wall is 256w x 512h, because it’s supposed to be double what the player is i.e 256x256… Standard tiles such as 256x128, 256x256 work perfectly from Blender to Tiled.

These are the settings I use when I put in the tile to Tiled:
I set the Tiled settings to 256 width by 512 height, no margin or spacing

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The tiles are rendered with their origin in the bottom-left. You could give your tile a slight background color to make it easier to see where it aligns.

Since you want the wall centered on the tile, you can position it correctly either by adding empty pixels on the left side, or by using the “Drawing Offset” property on the tileset of the tile (this offset is applied to all tiles in the tileset, so it will require the wall tile to be in a different set than the ground tiles).

To access the “Drawing Offset” property, you go to “Edit Tileset” via the small button below the tileset view, and then choose Tileset -> Tileset Properties from the menu.

In the future I hope to support either custom alignment options and/or per-tile drawing offsets, but currently this isn’t possible.

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Thank you for the reply!

Part of what I am not understanding is why the tile basically takes four tiles? Shouldn’t it take up just one tile but have double the height? Since both base tiles are the same. Would changing the offset fix something like this, or am I making the tile wrong?

Ah, no, that has nothing to do with the offset. If you look closely at the wall and the selected tile below, you’ll notice that in fact they are the same width (both are 225px in your second image, which seems to be scaled a bit so I guess both are 256px wide as you wrote). The reason the wall anyway appears a lot bigger is because of the isometric perspective.

To get your wall tile to appear with the same relative size to the tile as it had in Blender, you will need to either render it to a narrower image, or render it to an image of the same size, but then along with the empty areas to the left and right of it. I’m guessing in Blender probably the latter will be easier to do.

Visual guide:
tiled_forum_Isometric oversized tiles help

-Render using same alignment/registration as your base tile.
-As Bjorn mentioned, pivot point is ‘bottom-left’, but in isometric viewpoint, it is the left vertex in the isometric ‘diamond’. Therefore, it helps to keep a square that represents the isometric base diamond to have a instant visual cue if you’re rendering in alignment.