Partial grid lines a tilemap

I am doing the tutorial by gamesplusJames 2D RPG #6 - Making Tile maps. I keep having grid lines coming out on my map. I have done what he shows in tutorial #5 and have change from free aspect to every resolution listed and it still does not go away. I even unchecked “Snap to grid”. Any other suggestions?

Can you show an image or screenshot where the problem is visible? I’m not sure what grid lines you’re talking about.

Thank here it is. It is going through the map other than where the player map is.

Here is a better picture. I went back to video #5 and went through it again. I am still showing the grid lines. I am not sure where it is messing up.

This usually has to do with scaling or rendering at sub-pixels offsets, because both can cause pixels from neighboring tiles to “bleed” into the edges due to texture filtering.

To avoid it, either put a thin border (usually 1 pixel is enough) around your tiles that matches the color of the tile edge. This means you need to space out your tiles to allow for 2 pixels of space in between. Or you need to make sure to render the map at 100% scale and at whole pixel positions. Alternatively, sometimes it may suffice to disable texture filtering (setting it to nearest-neighbor instead).

Thank you. Still trying to figure it out. This sprite sheet was taken from a tutorial by “JamesPlusGames.” It has a thin border around it already. I just put the color for the map and imported it to Unity and still get the lines. Here is a picture of the Sprite sheet in Tiled. Maybe you see something I don’t. I am a complete beginner. Thank you.

SOLVED: It looks like I figured it out with your help. Thank you.

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HI Patrick. I came here looking for the solution exactly like you are describing. Same video tutorial too. Can you tell me what you did to solve the issue?

Sorry. Just saw this. I changed the resolution on my computer. Worked
great. Hope this helps.

I have the same problem. I’ve just recently started using Tiled and found that I quite enjoyed using it. However, after saving my tilemap as a json file to be displayed in gdevelop 5, it ends up with these weird horizontal and partial vertical lines. It also ends up looking really small and blurred when I dragn’drop it on the platform. Any ideas on how I can go about this?

Start by setting your texture filtering to “Nearest Neighbor” (also called “None” in some engines). That should at least fix the blurriness.
The size is something you’ll need to sort out in your engine, you may be rendering your tiles or your screen too small.

If Nearest Neighbor doesn’t help eliminate the lines between tiles (in which case the issue isn’t filtering but rounding issues during rendering), then you’ll probably need to extrude them (add 1px or more of repeated edge pixels all around the tiles), and modify your tileset properties accordingly.