Lines when I move ingame & player walks under collision

Hello! I’m following gamesplusJames Unity RPG Tutorial #6 Making tile maps on YouTube. I’m having a blast and have been able to fix my issues along the way but unfortunately I’m just stumped. I created a map, did the collision for the tiles, I put all collision tiles in the top layer, transferred the map, clicked on objects (the top layer name), two files, one is the sprites sheet and the other is collision, make spritesheet same layer as player but make player 0 and spritesheet 1. Begin game, my player walks under the collision objects instead of being stopped and now when I walk there are lines that show up inbetween the tiles. :thinking:

I extremely appreciate anyone’s help. Have an amazing day

I’m not sure about your collision problems (maybe @Seanba has an idea), but regarding the lines, @Seanba wrote a page about fixing seams in the Tiled2Unity documentation that may help you.