Prefab missing from Unity after import

Hello There,
I’m using Tiled to create an image, importing Tiled2Unity via the “help” menu inside Tiled2Unity, then exporting a tiled map file ( .tmx ) to Unity. Using it via the Tiled2Unity main menu. When looking inside the Unity folders, the .xml file is there and looks right, but no prefab is created.

Any idea why this might happen ? I’m using Unity 5.6.5f1 ,
Other info : OS : Win 7 Professional SP1 original, Machine : 64x machine, i5 1.60 Ghz 8Gb Ram, over 7 Gb free space.
Here is the .tmx file : [](http://TMX File link via Dropbox)

Welcome to the Tiled forums.
This sounds like an issue with Tiled2Unity, have you asked its developer?

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It might be Tiled2Unity does not support layer groups.

Tiled2Unity supports Group Layers and I don’t see anything with the TMX file itself that may cause a problem.

Some thoughts/questions:

  • Did you check your Unity Console tab (CTRL+SHIFT+C) to see if any errors were reported?
  • Unity 5.6 is pretty old now so it’s possible it is no longer supported. Are you tied to that version of Unity?

If you export your Unity project as a package (right click on Assets and select “Export Package …” then I may be able to take a look.

BTW, I have officially ended further development on Tiled2Unity but if you can move on to Unity 2018.2 then my newer importing scripts, SuperTiled2Unity may serve you better.