Probabilities of Certain output layers

Hi! I am currently working in tiled 1.10.2 and I stumbled across a problem, i have already defined some randomization in my tiled project for some floor variation in my sidescrolling platformer game and i wanted to add some spikes on the ground as an obstacle, i wanted the freedom to be able to have an input layer for those spikes (i called it input_SpikesGreybox) and i made an output layer for those spikes (output_Spikes) it seems that the probabilty of those spikes is somehow related with my platform tiles index output layers, does output probabilities work across all indexes and differently between output layer names? ex: i have 7 output(1,2,3…)_Tiles layers and one output_Spikes layer, it seems the probability of appearing is also affecting my spikes layer even when its 1.0

  1. Output probability is per index, not per layer.
  2. “” is a separate index from “1”, “2”, … So, if output1_Tiles is chosen, output_Spikes will not run. If you want Spikes to be output regardless of which Tiles layer is chosen, you need to either have a copy of the Spikes output for every index, or you need to put it in a separate rule map that doesn’t have all these extra output indices.

How can i put it into a separate rule map? Thanks!!

Make a new Automapping rules map, and copy cut+paste the relevant inputs and outputs there - pasting the tiles will change your current Brush to your pasted tiles, just stamp them in there. You can copy+paste from multiple layers at once, and Tiled will take care of creating the destination layers for you.

Then, add the newly added map to your rules.txt, either before or after the other one, whichever is easier for you.

Note, however, that rulemaps run in order, so if these rules use the same layers they output to as their inputs, your rules’ inputs may need to change to account for the different tiles. Since you’re using a greybox layer, I’m guessing this won’t be a problem for your rules.

Thanks! That Worked for me :slight_smile: