I cant manage to swet up automaping

i dont understand how to use the tile set rules. idk what to put on the input and what to put on the output but nothing that i tried has worked so far

The input is the pattern(s) of tiles to look for in your map. The output is what Tiled will place wherever it finds that input pattern. The names of the input/output layers determine which layer(s) to check for input and which layer(s) to output to.

As an exercise to understand the basics, try making a basic tile replacer - a single input layer that looks for some tile your working map uses, and a single output layer to replace that tile with another.

okay it worked but now i have a different problem. Importing the tile map to unity with super tiled 2d i encounter an error couse i used the autotile-tiles and the importer cant find the image and i dont know how to fix it without remaking all the rules tilemap

You should not be importing your Autotile rule maps into Unity at all, Unity can’t do anything with them. Leave them out of your Unity project. And your working maps should not be using the automapping tileset at all, those tiles should be used only in your rule maps.

i only use them in my tilemap for the rules my actual tilemap i want to import doesn’t have any of the tiles from the aitomap-tiles

As I wrote in my previous reply, leave the rule maps out of your Unity project.
If SuperTiled2Unity offers no way to ignore certain files, move the rule maps out into some folder outside your Unity Assets folder, and update your rules.txt to direct to the new location.

okay i’ll try it thx so much ; )