Problem with objects in phaser

i’m having a huge problem with Tiled objects in the engine Phaser.
my Problem is that there is no gid included when I export my project via Json so I cant use the tilemap.createFromeObjects(); function in phaser:
this deosn’t happen when using insert tile.
it would be great if somone knew a function in phaser to load in non tile objects or a way to include the gid in the json file.
(sorry for my bad english i’m german)

Why do you have the impression that the gid is not included in the JSON export? The JSON export includes all the same information as the TMX export.

For general help with using Phaser you are likely to have more luck asking in their community.

i have an gid but only when i use a tile as an object. With the polygon or rectangle object tool i don’t ge an gid just an id…

Hmm, of course polygons or rectangles don’t have a gid, because a gid refers to a tile and polygons and rectangles don’t refer to a tile.

What were you planning to do with it?

I’m at the moment actually just trying to do a better collsion detection

Ok, I don’t really see how this relates to the object being a tile object or not (or it having a gid or not). I think you’ll have to find help in a place with more people using Phaser. :slight_smile: