Invisible Collision Trigger Tile?

So I just created an object in Tiled & inserted a “ladder-trigger” tile which is basically a blue collision square, and it looks like this :

Why in phaser 3 is it not showing up? Yes, I KNOW it’s not working because all the other tiles including the spikes objects are loading. I already tried moving the order of the objects & layers around but to no avail.

Since it has no art associated with it, how are you checking whether it’s loaded? If it’s invisible and has no properties attached to it, there’s no way to see or interact with it.

Object colours in Tiled are purely decorative, to help you arrange things. In-engine, objects do not show up, they merely serve as areas with properties.

Ok, so why is this badly drawn BlueBerry not showing up in my level?


My Level in Phaser 3 :


This is where it SHOULD be :


Does it work if you put the object on the same object layer as the spikes? Perhaps the importer you’re using had some odd limitations.

(FWIW this sounds like a Phaser issue, so you should ask on forums related to that. Tiled seems to be working just fine in this case.)

No, it is NOT Phaser-related. As I said, I’ve already tested this. However, how would I put the object on the same layer as the spikes?

If you’re able to save and load your Tiled file in Tiled and the object still shows up, that means Tiled is doing its part correctly and the problem’s further up the chain xP What format are you exporting as, by the way? Some map formats don’t support all of Tiled’s features and Tiled doesn’t always notify you when that’s the case, so sometimes that can be the problem. If you’re saving as one of the human-readable formats (such as JSON or TMX), you could take a look at the file code yourself and check whether the missing object is actually in there or not.

I don’t think you can move objects between layers, but you should be able to copy/cut the object from one layer, and paste it in another. Whatever object layer you currently have selected is the one the object will paste into.

I’m using Phaser 3 - JSON format.

Is “Phaser 3 - JSON” a separate entry in export list from just “JSON” (or rather, “JSON map files” as TIled calls it)? If so, try using just JSON, which should be compatible with Phaser 3.

If you are using Tiled’s JSON format already, then double check that your missing object is in the file (either by looking at the code, or by loading the JSON into Tiled and checking whether the object is still there). I’m guessing that it is will be fine, but if not, that’ll tell us that the problem is with Tiled. If the object is there but it isn’t showing up in Phaser, then it’s an importing problem.

ok, I’ll check & get back to you ASAP.

Ah, just in case - are you sure you didn’t just forget to add code to load all the ladder objects? If you’re following the tutorial I think you’re following, maybe you forgot the part of the code that creates Phaser objects from the Tiled objects, or copy+pasted the spike code and didn’t update it correctly for the ladder.

That is the EXACT tutorial I am using! :slight_smile: