Python3 Pyglet Pytmx

Hi !
i get this error message
tile flags are not implemented
when i launch : , in folder apps
( project github with 222 stars).

please help to understand where i’am wrong !

The message “tile flags are not implemented” basically indicates a missing feature in PyTMX. You can try reporting this issue on their issues page to see if you can get any help with getting this functionality to work, if indeed you need to use tile flags.

Tile flags are used to support flipping and rotating the tile image. If you don’t actually need to rely on these features for your map, then you may have flipped or rotated a tile by accident (it’s done with the X, Y and Z keys). Currently there is no tool that helps with removing the flags from affected tiles, though using the new scripting functionality in the Tiled development snapshots this would not be hard to implemented.

thanks !

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