Rectangles in Tiled Collision Editor with zero width and height?

I’ve received a TMX file from someone that is having problems with collisions on their tiles. Looking at the TMX file I see that every object in the objectgroup for each tile has an x and y attribute but no width and height.

In the Tile Collision Editor, however, these objects are being drawn as rectangles. Has there been a change recently to the Tiled file format where width and height are, by default, set to some non-zero value? Perhaps the tilewidth and tileheight?

No, he actually created zero-size rectangle objects, and their representation in Tiled is currently a little confusing unfortunately. I need to revisit that and decide how zero-sized rectangles should look. There should be something to click on to select them, which is why currently they render as squares centered around their position. But it makes no sense to try handling this case as such in Tiled2Unity.

Thanks, Bjorn, what I will do is print out an error/warning so that people who make this mistake are alerted to it.