Replacing Identical Tiles

Hey everyone, I’m new to Tiled. (Actually I first downloaded it maybe ten years ago, but I’ve taken many extensive breaks so I’m pretty much a complete beginner). Anyway, here’s my question:

Is there any way to find all tiles that are visually identical and replace them with another tile? For example, let’s say I have an image imported as a tileset. I ‘paste’ that entire tileset into my map. This image has many ‘tiles’ that look exactly the same, but since I pasted the entire image, every tile references it’s own tile from the tileset, even though many are visually identical. I would like to have all tiles which are visually identical get replaced with one instance of that tile from within the tileset. This is important for automapping and being able to use the paint bucket tool to quickly change all identical tiles. (As it is, I can have a bunch of solid red tiles next to each other, but since they each reference different tiles from the tileset the paint bucket tool doesn’t work)

I’m not sure how clear my question is, so let me know if you need more clarification. Thanks

I understand the question, but I’m afraid this is not currently possible. I imagine it could be implemented as an extension of the ‘select same tile’ tool, but based on a deep comparison of the tile graphic. Of course for performance reasons, you’d want to cache the “sameness” of tiles somewhere during this operation.

Maybe it could even be a mode that affects the way the Bucket Fill tool, Magic Wand and Select Same Tile tool compare tiles.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Thanks for the response!

Anyway, I didn’t think it was possible but I wanted to check to make sure. I don’t know much about Tiled in terms of whether or not it’s open source or if people can contribute their own code, but it’d be something I’d consider working on. Since I’m doing all of my maps based on images which I import, it might be worth it. Either way, it’s not a serious issue; it just would’ve saved me some time.

Thanks again

Well, Tiled is on GitHub and released under the GPL. It is written in Qt/C++. Contributions are always welcome!