Replacing tileset and keeping the tiles that are on the map already

I am a beginner to Tiled and I was wondering if its possible to replace a tileset, but still keep the tiles of it on the map. The old tileset will contain some tiles, and the new tileset will be basically a duplicate of the old tileset and contain the same tiles as the old one, with some new tiles. I can’t use the collection of images import option because it causes an error in my code. I also don’t want to create a bunch of tilesets that would be only about one or two tiles(because that would be the amount I am adding at a time). When I try to use a new tileset image and delete the old one, the references to the tiles on the map from the old tileset will be deleted.

To summarize, I need to have a tileset imported from an image, and when I import another tileset and delete the old one, I want its tiles to still be on my map, but I want it to be using the new tileset as a reference for those images.

This is what the “Replace Tileset” button below the tileset view does:


Thank you. I just tested it out it works perfectly :slight_smile:

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