Resources to download tilesets

Is there any good sites to download tilesets for free? Maybe put it sticky or put a Resources tab on the main page with lot of free tilesets or links to good sites?

I found this:

Anyone have more useful links?

Is good resource. They have much of everything. Anyone have more links?

I was about to say Open Game Art. :slight_smile:
What you’re looking for is tilesets, btw. Not Tile maps.

Also, the great thing about tiles is the fact they are reused. This means you don’t need many tiles to fill your world. GIMP, Inkscape and Blender can be used to make tiles in any style you wish, suited to your project, setting its unique atmosphere.

Yes, I know about the paint software, but I´m not good in painting - that´s why I asking for links/resources to free tilesets…

That’s no reason not to, it’s why you should be doing nothing else the coming week. :wink:
The time you think you’re saving by not having (to learn) to create graphics, I believe is wasted on looking for them.

I think I’m hopeless case to try to learn painting. I don´t like to paint, I like programming. I don´t like to do things I don’t like. :thinking:

Ah, but when did you last try? You will like it more as your results improve. Which are not set in stone, btw. You can always improve or replace earlier graphics.

Please give me some links to sites, if you have. Don’t torture me. :open_mouth:

Sorry, I don’t know any other good sources.
Even if you find the sites it will either feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack looking for the right graphics or you’ll use a tileset that shows up everywhere. While limiting your story telling and programming as being built around generic graphics.

Yes, I know it will limit my game. The best thing are a team with people, one person can do the graphics and so on.

How many are you?

Just me. That´s why I have to look for graphics on the web… If I knew anyone with talent in painting I shouldn´t have to look for resources.

Do you like ASCII characters?

It´s not what I looking for atm.

So you want to be a pixel artist?

No, I don´t. I just want some links to sites with free tilesets. If you don´t have any links, please stop post in this thread.

Thanks. Some of them is free.