Rich metadata/properties builtin editor

I am using Tiled for a 2D strategy game. Players can use Tiled to create their custom maps/missions. Such missions often require a certain amount of rich metadata (arrays of objects with various properties etc etc).

At the moment, this means we must provide the game with two files: the Tiled map file and also the metadata JSON file. To make distribution simpler, both files should be coupled together - which I’m already doing with a simple script that sort of combines both files into a single binary blob for distribution.

Mine is just one of many similar cases other developers probably face: the need to append rich metadata to their maps. It’s not always sufficient to use Tiled’s “custom properties” as they only accept primitives and nothing too complex.

This is fairly easy to address, such as the solution I currently have. But I think it would make Tiled far more useful to have some sort of builtin rich metadata editor (are you familiar with Xcode’s .plist editor? I think it would be lovely to have that inside Tiled). This would make it far easier for developers and modders to create much more complex scenarios in a fairly organized fashion.

This may sound excessively redundant (I mean, it’s not particularly hard to just create a separate .json file) but it may be a great step towards widening Tiled’s use cases and make it even more generic or even user friendly. May be worth considering.

And yeah, I could literally use the string property field to type actual JSON in it but… That feels weird.

Well, there is support planned for array properties and nested properties, which together would pretty much provide what you want it seems.

I’m considering to put these features on the Roadmap for Tiled 1.3, though I have to be careful not to plan too much for it. Tiled 1.2 already took a few months more than I originally intended.

In the meantime, please do not feel shy to put structured data in multi-line text properties. :slight_smile: