Tiled as a level editor

I’ve been using Tiled for a while now, but I recently tried Ogmo Editor following on a recommendation and, though I didn’t care much for it (a bit clunky here and there), it contains several neat features. I’m probably not the only one that would like to use Tiled as a full-fledged level editor, and having some equivalent of those around would probably help.

Right now I’m using library maps in Tiled to keep collections of copy-pasteable objects (enemies, pickups and regions) each with several predefined custom properties; but obviously, any change in the original implies searching for and updating each “instance”. Some sort of basic project management (for general map properties) and object libraries (at least something similar to the import/exportable tileset functionality we’ve got now) would help make the editor more friendly for collaborative development, so programmers, artists and level designers can keep their work separate, but with proper propagation of changes and updates.

Right, project support and support for an object library are really missing features of Tiled, which I hope to add in coming months when I will have more time for Tiled development again. If you want to support me in this please consider becoming a patron.

Related github issues are:

(I should really look into merging some of these into fewer issues)