Same Tile with different properties

So I was trying to have each door a set of coordinates(X,Y) to indicate where to teleport the player, but if I tried to place the same door (as a standard Tile with properties) I would always get the same coordinates. A way to bypass this is to copy the image of the door on the tileset, but it would get too confusing to edit afterwards.
I searched around and I found out that a solution would be using an object layer and adding doors as object with their own properties, but then I’m having a hard time showing them in the code with Libgdx. If anyone could explain me how these Tile Objects work and how they “should” be shown in Libgdx I would be extremely grateful

Maybe this provides an answer?

You can ignore the warning “I would also recommend against using Tile Objects to render sprites in-game” in the answer. The tile objects are definitely also meant to be used for sprite rendering use-cases.