Multi-tile sprites in object layer?

Is it planned or possible to make an object based on multiple tiles? For example could you select a 3x3 grid of tiles and add them as a single object? This could be used to make proper sprites instead of breaking them into pieces and having to rebuild them in the game engine.


usually we are using object layer and placing normal full-sized objects there (instead of tiles).
Tile layers are useful and comfortable to create common static landscapes, but since one tile has no any properties to edit, it could not be freely rotated, resized etc, it is very good to use objects instead.

Here you can see main landscape was done using tile layers, in opposite to, some specific objects (barrels, lights, zones, markers etc) was put to object layers.

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To answer this question specifically, such a feature is not planned as described. However, if you can save this 3x3 part of your tileset as a separate image and use an Image Collection tileset, which then allows placing it as a single object.

It would be nice to support such things without requiring things to be saved as separate images, but that would be a feature at the tileset level (so allowing the region of each tile to be defined, rather than having to place them on a fixed grid). This is definitely something I’d like to support.

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Thanks. Yes I finally discovered “collection of images” and how to use these. They fixed my sprite problem but don’t mesh well with how Tiled renders everything in layers because layers that I use for height in the engine overlap images that are larger than 1x1 tile. I mentioned this same limitation in another reply I just made. Tiled basically needs more options for 3D isometric maps that extends beyond the layers approach currently used and hacks that are required.

@genericptr, could you maybe illustrate the problem with a screenshot? I know what you’re talking about but it could still help to better understand possible solutions.

Here’s an example of the isometric problem. Notice Main 2 has some custom properties to tell the engine to merge into “main” at level 1 (level 0 is level main) because z+1 means x-1,y-1 in isometric. You can see the 1x3 sized tree placed on level 0 (Main) is clipped by the tiles in “Main 2”

As discussed there’s no way to fix this using the layer approach when drawing. You need to have all tiles in one layer so you can sort them as a batch. However, without layers there’s no way to manage with height and tile placement so I suggest Tiled needs a specific feature for isometric height maps like this.

Yes, you get the problem about “tileset regions”. I’ve broken down the image but that means more tile sets and textures (which is bad) even though I could derive that image from the existing tileset. I could make some custom properties on the tile in the tileset which told the engine to do this and place just the base of the sprite but that would look bad in tiled (or even worse I should say give the other problem of height and overlaps).

@bjorn I figured I’d ask since it’s been a few years - have you revisited this since the last reply? Is it possible (or will it be possible) to reference a 3x3 grid of tiles and add them as a single object?